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Regenerative Medicine

Discover a way to alleviate your pain without surgery or medication! The quality of your life may be restored through the regenerative potential of stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies. Joint and muscle pain can be alleviated by regenerative techniques through the expertise of a highly qualified specialist. These therapies reduce the need for surgery by treating injured tissues without surgical replacement.

Types of Regenerative Therapy:

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is clinically proven to treat pain and stimulate healing in the body. The procedure involves injecting a highly concentrated dose of your body’s own platelets into areas affected by pain. This is a safe and natural way for your body to accelerate the healing process, rather than blocking or masking your pain.

Stem cell therapy is a novel method for helping your body heal itself. Stem cells are multipotent cells that have the ability to replace aging cells, and have the potential of rebuilding damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Following treatment, most patients can expect to see improvement in their pain and mobility at 4 weeks, and will continue to see improvements over the following 12 months. In most cases, the procedure takes less than an hour, and there is a rapid return to daily activities and work with very little down time.



No surgery, no medication, and no hospital stays are just a few of the reasons why thousands have chosen regenerative therapies over traditional methods. Most procedures are performed in less than an hour with very little post recovery. Many patients are able to return to work the next day. Because most regenerative procedures use your own body’s platelets and cells for healing, it’s safe and natural!

Many professional athletes are turning to regenerative medicine to heal rapidly from an injury and return to full activity. Regenerative therapy procedures are now available for just about any individual who suffers from back pain, knee arthritis, patella tendonitis, ligament injuries, arthritis of the hip, shoulder issues, tennis elbow, hip bursitis,  plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon injuries.

Dr. Kantha has been at the forefront of regenerative medicine. She has been performing treatments since 2011. For a consultation, call our office at 908-252-9900. Find out if regenerative therapy is the right treatment for you!

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